Aggregate Conveyor Systems

Aggregate for use in construction projects is the most widely mined material in the world. According to the USGS, in 2006 the U.S. produced over 3.3 billion tons of sand, gravel, and crushed stone for aggregate. And the numbers rise every year.

These staggering amounts of material are used for commercial and residential building foundations, road and railroad beds, drainage projects, and for use in composite materials like concrete. And all this stuff has to be processed and transported from quarries to construction sites all over the country. That's where Cambelt's aggregate conveyor systems come in.

Challenges of Processing and Transporting Aggregate

Processing aggregate for various applications is a very involved process. It must be crushed to the appropriate size, classified, washed, and screened. This never ending process relies on highly specialized and hardy machinery to keep up with the required pace of production. Recycled and synthetic aggregates are used where other options are not as easily available, but no less time intensive to produce.

To the extent possible, construction contractors use aggregate from nearby deposits to cut down on transporting costs. But even then, transloading between trucks and trains as well as loading and unloading storage facilities may be required. And at the site, there's no easy way to handle several truck loads of gravel or sand at a time. Transferring large amounts of loose material from one vehicle to another can be more logistically demanding than crossing a continent in the same truck.

It's an incredible feat of time and resource management to get the required volume of aggregate to a confined construction site at the right time. Then comes the challenge of tamping down and leveling for foundations. This requires a variety of unwieldy equipment including aggregate conveyors, graders, and rollers. If using aggregate in concrete or asphalt, the subbase, subgrade, and molds must already be in place. The timing, moisture levels, and continuous churning must all be coordinated perfectly to achieve an immaculate finished product.

Cambelt's Aggregate Conveyor Systems

Cambelt builds world-class conveyor systems ideal for handling aggregate materials at the quarry, the transloading point, and the construction site. That's why Caterpillar uses Cambelt conveyors on its equipment. We offer configurations that will fit your operational requirements including stationary incline conveyors, permanent and portable transloader, and other specialized systems.

Our high-grade rubber belting will efficiently move sand as well as aggregates of larger pieces. And Cambelt belting will outlast any other product on the market to cut downtime significantly. This is essential to keep production levels up at the quarry and to keep the project on schedule at the construction site. We often provide replacement belts for other manufacturers' conveyors. We commonly rebelt trenchers and road profilers.

We are available to discuss the belting and conveyor configuration that will best meet your needs. Contact us with the specifications of your aggregate conveyor and we'll respond in a timely manner.

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