Bucket Elevators: The Challenge of Moving Bulk Material Vertically

Transporting materials vertically is one of the toughest challenges in industry. However, well engineered bucket elevators make this simple and cost effective. In mines, grain elevators, and manufacturing plants where moving dry bulk solids is required, bucket elevators are the most efficient solution.

Conveyor Options for Vertical Bulk Material Handling

Many machines have been conceived for moving material vertically. Some have been adapted from other technologies, but just don't quite get the job done for 90į movement. Pneumatic and screw conveyors are somewhat effective for incline conveying of specific kinds of materials, but they lack versatility. Both designs struggle with vertical movement and diminish in effectiveness with greater heights.

Bucket elevators are basically modified belt conveyors turned on end. With specialized cleats and attachable buckets these implements can reliably lift tons of material in a short amount of time, regardless of height. But the problem with many belt conveyors is that belt attachments can delaminate or tear the base belt after heavy use. Moving between horizontal and vertical angles also presents a challenge. Cambelt has innovated its vertical belt conveyors to meet these challenges.

Cambelt's Advantage

Cambelt understands the need for high quality machinery, and has designed their vertical belt conveyors to be both durable and reliable.

CamWall belting is made using one piece of homogenously cured rubber. The entire belt, including the sidewalls and cleats, is molded together in Cambeltís very own rubber press. These up-angled cleats are capable of acting as buckets for smaller loads. Where needed for larger load capacity, auxiliary buckets can be securely attached to the belt without piercing the belt itself, which greatly improves durability. Because nothing is ever glued, the CamWall belting is much more durable than alternatives, and capable of withstanding much more use before wearing out. The fact that we manufacture our own belts allows us to keep our prices very reasonable.

Changing angles is an interesting challenge for a belt conveyor, but often necessary with a bucket elevator. Cambelt vertical conveyors deal with this challenge using hold-down disc assemblies at turn sections where the conveyor transitions from horizontal to vertical movement and vice versa. These expertly designed discs improve the operation of our bucket elevators as well as prolong the life of the belts themselves.

Cambeltís bucket elevators are versatile enough to handle nearly any kind of dry bulk solid and any environment. They are equally effective at moving fine powders such as cement, granulated products such as gravel or wheat, or larger chunks such as coal. Our bucket elevators are available in both industrial-quality and sanitary conveyors with stainless steel bodies and food grade belts. Vertical conveyors can be built for open use or air-tight enclosed configurations. These options mean Cambelt vertical belt conveyors can fit any scenario. No matter what the requirements of the operation, Cambelt will meet them with a customized conveyor system.

Thanks to Cambeltís industry-leading innovation and design, moving bulk materials vertically is easier than ever. By developing the most efficient systems possible, Cambelt aims to provide high quality machinery that doesnít just get the job done, but increases productivity as well. Our bucket elevators are custom built to suit height requirements, bucket capacity, and cleat spacing needs. Contact us today to get a bucket elevator system not only for the best quality available, to make your job easier for years to come.

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