Bulk Material Handling and the Environment

There are many logistical challenges inherent in moving bulk materials from one place to another. Among them are environmental concerns - both keeping the product out of the environment and keeping the environment out of the product. Creating a safe work environment is a top priority for employers, and dust control is a large part of it. By using dust-tight, enclosed conveyors, bulk materials can be safely transported without any risk of harming employees or losing valuable product due to damage, contamination, or dispersion.

Environmental Hazards

Let's talk first about dangers to the environment caused by transporting powders and granules. When moving dry bulk solids it is very difficult to keep dust from escaping. This is more of a problem for some materials than others. Dust from top soil, for example, is less hazardous than asbestos dust. Fugitive dust can be unhealthy for plant and animal life along the path of transport as well as for workers in factories and other facilities where these materials are used. Even with less malignant chemicals, a constant cloud of dust can be harmful to ecosystems and human respiratory systems. When inhaled, small dust particles can make it to the lungs, and can cause significant health problems over time.

The quality of the bulk material can be compromised by environmental factors as well. Think about what can happen with cement powder if allowed to come in contact with water. Other materials can be ruined by the addition of external dust, change in temperature, and even sunlight. The result may be thousands of dollars in lost product.

Preventing Cross Contamination

Many companies take precautions such as dust masks for employees working in close proximity to powders and chemicals. Many spend significant amounts of money on air filtration systems to remove dust particles. These are important ways to help reduce contamination from dry bulk solids already in the air.

It is also important to use measures with the belt conveyors transporting these products. An air-tight enclosed conveyor system not only protects the surrounding environment indoors or out, it keeps the bulk material safe from environmental influences mentioned earlier, preventing them from being ruined due to contamination and degradation.

Cambelt Enclosed Conveyors

No one can afford to lose product or risk employee or environmental safety because of a lack of proper containment in bulk material handling equipment.

Cambelt offers enclosed conveyor systems specially designed to maintain product containment during transporting. We offer systems designed for every point during the transportation of dry bulk solids including railcar transloaders, free span elevated conveyors, and incline and vertical conveyors for use inside and outside of processing plants. We custom build our conveyor systems with open and enclosed sections as required by your particular operations.

Enclosed conveyor systems help reduce risks of all sorts. Preventing health issues and product contamination is essential to success in any business. Cambelt understands the need for high quality, durable machinery, no matter what the scenario, and looks to deliver the best equipment possible. Contact Cambelt to request a proposal for a complete conveyor system for your operation.

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