Challenges of Handling Bulk Materials: Agricultural Conveyors

The agriculture industry has faced and adapted to many changes over the years. Increasing demand for food requires increased productivity from diminishing arable acreage. This means technology and equipment have to help farmers do more with less. Cambelt delivers agricultural conveyors that can help move goods from the farm to the market in the shortest time possible. Having the best machinery can help cut down on delays and increase efficiency, a necessary step in meeting the demands for food both presently and in the future.

Challenges of Feeding America

Decreasing of arable land, a growing population, and increasing demand for biofuel production place incredible stress on our food crops. At the same time, tightening environmental and health standards must be met. The need to bring more and more fresh food into the cities adds even more complexity to the agriculture industry. All of this means remaining farmland for food production must become more productive. Transportation of produce from the farm to storage and to the consumer must be faster and more efficient than ever.

Manual labor alone cannot handle the volume of produce we're talking about. Feeding our growing population into the future requires innovative technology that doesnít create environmental hazards. This is where Cambelt comes in. We provide agricultural enterprises with belt conveyors for bulk materials designed for moving large amounts of granulated and pelleted produce quickly and with minimal downtime.

Cambelt's Agricultural Conveyors

Cambelt recognizes the need for high quality, durable machinery that meets the environmental and health standards of the agriculture industry. We configure belt conveyors for many different agricultural tasks including sorting produce, grain conveyors and elevators, etc. These belts and conveyors will be able to efficiently move goods and get them on their way to the market as efficiently as possible.

Cambelt offers several types of belt conveyors, each outfitted with a special food grade belt to meet health regulations. With walled, cleated, and nubbed designs, theses belts are capable of quickly moving large amounts of products. Using Cambeltís unique fully molded design, these belts are extremely durable, leading to fewer delays and costly repairs during the small windows of time when produce needs to be moved and processed.

Harvesting and Sorting

Getting produce from the fields and sorting the good from the bad is the first major challenge for agriculture. At one time gathering and sorting crops was done by simple machines and a whole lot of manual labor. But the current volume of food requires more efficient systems. Jobs like sorting potatoes to remove dirt clods, removing bad apples, and separating wheat from chaff would be astronomically huge jobs without modern technology.

Now large belt conveyors and specialized sorting machines with computerized systems help accomplish harvesting and sorting better without dramatically increasing the manpower needed for these job. Cambelt conveyors are rugged enough to be used on site and designed to efficiently move produce during the harvesting and sorting.

Bulk Storage

Many crops, such as grains and potatoes, must be stored in large climate controlled facilities before they can be processed and brought to market. Grain elevators and similar storage facilities require high incline or vertical conveyors. Cambelt designs and manufactures grain conveyors just right for these kinds of jobs. Our belt conveyors efficiently carry dry bulk food items along very high inclines. Our bucket elevators are perfect for vertical applications.


Transporting produce from the fields to storage and from storage to processing plants and markets is a huge logistical challenge. It's time sensitive and often a delicate procedure. Trucks and trains carry most of the produce from place to place, but it's a separate challenge just loading and unloading the bulk food stores safely without worrying about contamination. Cambelts fixed and portable transloaders get the job done quickly and efficiently. Our conveyors are enclosed and airtight to keep out environmental contaminants and our food grade conveyor belts are easy to clean.

The Bottom Line for Agriculture

Being able to produce more goods in a more efficient manner is essential for food producers. Cambelt products live up to this standard, and meet the necessary requirements to deliver more products. Recognizing the demands of a growing population will be one of the major issues for the industry in the near future, but the proper planning and machinery can help make this an easy problem to solve.

With innovative technology it is possible to cope with the challenges of the agriculture industry including higher demands for food even with diminishing availability of arable land. Cambelt can help accomplish this while meeting strict environmental and health standards. With the right technology, the agricultural industry will be able to keep up with demand for healthy food while maintaining the same standard of quality the world has come to expect.

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