Challenges of Handling Bulk Materials: Cement Handling

Cement handling and storage presents unique challenges for bulk material handling equipment. Most materials don't harden and become instant multi-ton plugs when they get wet. Cambelt is well acquainted with the needs of cement terminal operators and provides cement handling equipment highly specialized to make their job as smooth as possible.

Challenges for Cement Handling

For years large domes have been the storage facility of choice for cement storage. They are incredibly strong and hold large quantities of material. These domes are easy to fill from the top and easy to drain from the bottom. But natural forces aren't enough to make these systems work.

When filling the dome, the bulk cement must be carried to the top by conveyor, this requires a specialized cement conveyor belt that can carry powder up a steep incline efficiently, not to mention significant time. To some extent, gravity will drain the dome during unloading, but at a certain point the cement will have to be coaxed out using a dome reclaim system. Then the powder needs to be carried to a point where it can be loaded for transport. As mentioned earlier, all this needs to be accomplished without contact to moisture. Cambelt has been successfully addressing these challenges for years.

Cambelt's Cement Handling Solutions

High Incline and Vertical Cement Conveyors

Many domes are quite tall, which provides a vast amount of storage space, but also complicates the loading process. Cambelt builds belt conveyors ideal for long distances and high inclines required to bring cement powder to the top of a dome. One of Cambelt's secrets of success is our patented belting design that uses flexible sidewalls and substantial cleats to hold the powder in place as it rises. For facilities requiring a bucket elevator, with a small modification, a Cambelt conveyor belt can become an efficient bucket belt to get the job done right.

The other critical aspect of our cement conveyors is that they are completely air and water-tight. This means no matter what the weather, your cement powder will stay dry in a perfectly enclosed conveyor.

Dome Reclaim Systems

Cambelt's dome reclaimers reduce operating costs, manpower, and product degradation during the unloading process, all while allowing cement terminal operators to fully utilize the dome's space. These dome reclaim systems function by using a screw reclaimer attached to a vertical drive shaft at the bottom of the dome. The reclaimer systematically pulls cement powder towards a central opening in the floor of the dome where a load-out belt conveyor can carry it out of the facility to a waiting ship, truck, or train.

These dome reclaimers are raised and lowered using a cable hoist and follow the curve of the dome. This process not only ensures no cement will be left behind, it blends the product as it drains it to prevent caking.

Fixed and Mobile Transloaders

Depending on the layout and needs of your cement storage facility, you may have use for both fixed and mobile transloaders to move cement powder to and from transport vehicles. Cambelt's transloaders are designed for easy use with standard train and truck hoppers. We offer hitchable and self-propelled mobile transloaders. These conveyors are airtight and extremely efficient in conveying bulk cement powder.

Cambelt has been building belt conveyors and reclaim systems for domed storage for decades. We are experts in handling cement powder and our machines are designed to transport it with the utmost care to eliminate moisture. With our products, cement terminal operators can load and unload with speed and ease. Contact us to find out more about our line of products as well as how we will customize them for your needs.

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