Challenges of Handling Bulk Materials: Construction Conveyors

The construction industry accounts for over a trillion dollars of annual revenue in the U.S. alone. But it's not easily earned money. Budgets and deadlines are constant companions for crews. So the equipment and people that can help contractors meet both most efficiently are exceedingly valuable. Whether we're talking about residential, commercial, or infrastructure construction Cambelt provides reliable portable conveyor systems to help get the job done on time and under budget.

Challenges for Construction Bulk Material Handling Equipment

The majority of construction jobs are done on site and exposed to the elements. Crews must make progress regardless of rain, snow, blistering heat, or biting cold. Road and utility construction workers often labor around fast moving traffic and other dangerous conditions. With large amounts of material sensitive to moisture and temperature, construction crews and their equipment need to be ready to work when conditions dictate. Delays due to equipment inefficiency or downtime can be devastating for a project. Simply transporting unwieldy equipment to where it is needed can be a significant challenge in itself, especially where sites are less accessible.

Cambelt understands that speed, quality, and reliability are essential for profit in the construction industry. Our goal is to deliver products that can complete jobs right the first time no matter what conditions they'll need to work in. We build a wide variety of belts and portable construction conveyors suitable for easy transporting and durable enough to continue to work in whatever conditions.

Cambelt's Solutions

Versatile Belting

Any given job may require handling large amounts of soil, asphalt, sand, cement, or gravel. Cambelt's solutions start with highly engineered conveyor belting that can accommodate just about any material on any angle of incline. We can build belting for any conveyor system including trenchers and road profiling systems. Cambelt uses a homogenous curing process to make its belts out of one continuous piece of rubber. We use no glue to attach the sidewall, cleats, or join belt plies. This means they will outlast other options and won't come apart in the middle of a job. We can make belts resistant to heat, oil, and flame.

Portable Construction Conveyors

Cambelt offers a variety of conveyors perfect for different jobs at the construction site. Our portable unloaders are ideal for moving aggregate between hopper trailers and storage containers or for transporting cement powder from the freight yard to the construction site. We offer truck mounted incline conveyors perfect for removal of excavated material, following along with road reclaimers, or mixing dry cement.

There's no such thing as a one-size-fits-all conveyor for construction. Cambelt has spent more than 50 years learning how to move bulk materials. We can build you a portable conveyor with the right belting for your material, the right angle of incline, and enclosed (if need be) to protect your material from the elements. Our machinery is engineered and built to last just like our belting.

At the construction site time is money and no contractor can afford to have equipment that doesn't work when it's needed. Cambelt designs its equipment to be reliable and to get the job done fast. Use the proposal request form to contact us and let us know your job requirements.

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