Challenges of Handling Bulk Materials: Hydraulic Fracturing

Hydraulic fracturing is becoming more and more prevalent in the gas and oil industries, with an estimated 90% of active wells in North America utilizing this technique. "Fracking" has a unique set of challenges and requires specialized, finely tuned frac equipment to accomplish their task safely and cost-effectively. Cambelt offers several products for frac sand hauling, storing, and conveying that meet these demands.

Challenges for Hydraulic Fracturing

The process of fracking uses specially processed sand as a proppant to allow oil or natural gas to escape from scattered shale deposites.

As in any industry, fracking companies must meet a high level of productivity to remain profitable. Once all the equipment is in the oil field, time is money. When frac fluid and sand begins to mix and is pumped down into the well, break downs and delays are very costly and can endanger the whole operation as well as the surrounding environment. This means equipment must be well-tuned and backed up.

Cambelt's Frac Sand Equipment

Cambelt's part in this process is providing highly effective and reliable equipment for storing and moving frac sand. Any given hydraulic fracturing job could require upwards of 100 tons of frac sand. We take our job seriously of providing equipment that will be at the ready when it's time to start moving sand and keeping it moving until the job is done.

Frac Sand Trailers

We provide "mini" frac sanders for hauling frac sand to the oil field. They are available in multiple sizes and each comes with a 24" belt conveyor that discharges 15,000+ lbs. per minute. We also manufacture large frac sand storage trailers to hold and feed the sand throughout the process. These trailers hold from 3,000 to 4,000 cubic feet of sand. They are equipped with heavy duty belt conveyors powered by rugged 125 HP engines that keep sand moving for the long haul.

Frac Sand Conveyors

Portable frac sand conveyors are versatile implements that can also be used as power sources for other equipment if needed. T-belt conveyors are the machines that take frac sand from multiple storage trailers to the blender where it is mixed with frac fluid and sent down the well. Our dual T-belts have separate engines for each conveyor and provide a built-in back up should anything go wrong.

Our specially designed rubber conveyor belting won't be a weak link. All of our belts are made in our molding facility in Utah. We use one-piece molded construction so there will never be any worry of a belt delaminating in the middle of a job. Our belts are built to outlast any on the market.

The Bottom Line for Fracking

With fracking becoming such an important part of the oil and gas industries, and of the economy as a whole, technologies and equipment that prove to be reliable and efficient are indispensible. Cambelt offers machinery to help oil field companies meet these high standards. Contact us to talk about your job and equipment requirements.

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