Challenges of Handling Bulk Materials: Mining Conveyor

Mining is one of the oldest industries in the world and still among the largest inputs into the world economy. As such, efficiency is essential. Modern day miners rely on durable, effective equipment, such as coal conveyors, to get minerals out of the ground and to processing plants as quickly and cheaply as possible.

Challenges for mining and transporting minerals

The central challenge for mining companies is to get the minerals our society demands in a safe way with the least impact on the environment and still make a reasonable profit. This proposition is getting increasingly more difficult. Long existing mines are becoming depleted. This means existing mines are getting deeper and new mines are increasingly remote. Deeper mines strain mineral transport equipment as well as safety systems. Opening new mines in remote areas often comes with issues such as lack of water, higher expenses of operation, scarcity of skilled employees, and difficulty transporting mined resources. It can be hard to make these mines worth the time and money.

Safety and the environmental impact of mining is coming under the microscope by regulators like never before. This contributes to the difficulty of positive cash flow. Still, new opportunities are opening up in places like China, India, and South America where mining was once unfeasible.

All of this means technology and equipment must work more efficiently and more reliably than ever before. For over 50 years Cambelt has been building its understanding of how to move a diversity of mined materials. This is all incorporated in the design of our industrial mining conveyor and belting systems.

Cambelt's Mining Conveyor Solutions

Moving bulk solids is not always a straight forward task. Every pelleted, granulated, and powdered material has its own angle of repose based on the size of pieces, the moisture content, and the physical properties of the material itself. This translates into varying requirements for belt conveyors to carry the material out of the mine and deliver it to transporting vehicles.

Cambelt offers belt conveyors at many angles of incline, open or closed, and a variety of belt structures to go with them. Cambelt's engineers are conversant with most materials and incline requirements. So they can help identify the right conveyor for each mining job. Each belt conveyor Cambelt builds is created specifically for the job at hand. Here are a few of the variables we consider as we design each conveyor system.

Angle of incline

This is determined by the physical demands of the space as well as the properties of the material to be mined. It may be that the physical space at the mine or processing plant calls for a vertical or high incline mining conveyor. But this may create difficulty with the particular material. Materials with a very low angle of repose will tend to flow down a conveyor reducing efficiency. This is why the right belting is also important.


Cambelt offers several belting options for different materials and angles of incline. The CamFlex belt features flexible sidewalls and nubs to keep bulk material in place on incline conveyors up to 45°. This is perfect for high volume operations. The CamWall uses sidewalls and substantial horizontal cleats to push material along steep inclines up to 75°. With bucket attachments, this belt fits a completely vertical conveyor.


For some mining operations, it's important to keep environmental contaminants out as well as the minerals from contaminating the environment. This calls for an air tight enclosed conveyor system. Cambelt builds this addition on to many of the systems we install. Most of our portable conveyor systems are enclosed as well. Perfect as mining conveyors.


At the point of loading the mined raw materials into transport vehicles, specialized loaders and transloaders make the job more efficient. Sometimes it is convenient to have portable transloaders to move between loading stations. Cambelt offers hitchable and self-propelled transloaders in several configurations. We also offer fixed unloaders.

Quality equipment is essential in the mining industry, especially when more and more is needed to meet the needs of the world. Cambelt aims to help find what works best for each mining operation, and provides long lasting, effective mining conveyor systems that get the job done quickly—and with minimal delays.

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