Challenges of Incline Conveying: Custom Conveyors

Transporting bulk materials is a substantial challenge for many industries, especially where inclines are involved. But the right infrastructure can make it a systematic and economical task. There is, of course, no one-size-fits-all handling solution for every industry, facility, and bulk material. Cambelt sees every operation as a unique challenge and every conveyor system as a custom solution. We have developed several incline conveyor systems that have proven effective for different common bulk material handling tasks, but are also highly customizable.

Specialized Incline Conveyor Configurations

Cambelt’s incline conveyors are all engineered with wisdom we've garnered over the last 50 years. There are also key differences, which make them specially suited for different tasks. In a custom Cambelt conveyor system, we can combine components as needed to build a system that exactly meets the needs of any bulk material handling challenge.

CamWall Open Conveyors - Featuring the patented CamWall belt, these conveyors excel at moving a wide variety of bulk materials up extreme angles. They are suitable for indoor or outdoor operations with stationary or mobile mounts. With the ability to change from horizontal to angles of 60° and higher on a single continuous belt, this conveyor is ideal for transloading bulk cargo, removing product from mines and quarries and scenario calling for high inclines or handling larger chunks.

CamWall Enclosed Conveyors - A variant of the open design, CamWall enclosed conveyors provide environmental control to sensitive materials. This completely dust-tight system protects bulk materials from dust, fumes, or other atmospheric conditions and protects workers and the environment from caustic or toxic bulk materials. This configuration is perfect for filling outdoor storage silos and domes, as mobile transloaders, and for any indoor high incline conveyor where a dust-tight system is needed.

CamWall Vertical Conveyors - The CamWall belt is versatile enough even to lift at 90° angles. The CamWall vertical conveyor, also known as a bucket elevator, uses hold-down disc assemblies to cleanly transition between horizontal and vertical planes. To accommodate larger chunks or increase load capacity, the belt can be outfitted with buckets that securely attach without piercing the belt or cleats. The conveyor can be built to whatever height is required. It is often used in grain elevators and as a space saving device in factories.

CamFlex Open Conveyors - Outfitted with a CamFlex belt, these conveyors are the best available for large load capacity with moderate inclines. The CamFlex conveyor belt can handle higher belt speeds than other options with the highest capacity of any CamBelt product. The tall nubs on the belt keep material even with moderately low angles of repose firmly in place while allowing for continuous flow, which is helpful when even delivery is important. Camflex open incline conveyors are exceptionally versatile -- often used to maximize efficiency on factory floors, in transloading, and at hydraulic fracturing sites for frac sand handling.

CamFlex Enclosed Conveyors - This configuration combines the benefits of CamFlex belting with those of an enclosed conveyor. It offers the same fast movement, high capacity, and continuous flow along with the dust-tight enclosure. These systems are optimal for outdoor transloading up to 45°. Depending on the material being moved, higher speeds can come with higher amounts of dust, which makes the enclosed version of the CamFlex incline conveyor especially effective in a wide variety of scenarios.

Each of these systems can be adapted to the individual requirements of your operation. With Cambelt's industry leading belt designs and well engineered machines, our incline conveyors deliver the best in performance, reliability, and customization.

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