Commercial vs. Industrial Grade Incline Conveyors

Conveyor systems have become a staple in nearly every industry large and small. This is owed to the versatility of the basic machine in moving large quantities of goods quickly. As a result, many different designs and levels of quality have been made available. So as you compare prices for incline conveyor systems, make sure you know what you're paying for.

What is a Commercial Belt Conveyor System?

Most incline conveyors you'll see commercially advertized are made to be light weight, easily stowed, easily cleaned by hand, and inexpensive. They're meant for occasional use in small scale operations and residential use. They'll lift small amounts of material a few feet at a time. For small jobs these conveyors may be ideal, but not where load capacity, frequent use, and longevity are factors.

Some commercial incline conveyors may try to market themselves for industrial uses. These conveyors may even be labeled as heavy duty, industrial, or heavyweight; but don't be fooled by semantics. If the belt is made from plastic, it's probably not meant for heavy use. If it is run by a small electric motor with torque measured in inch-pounds, don't expect it to last long. If they talk a lot about belt speed but nothing about load capacity, you may be unpleasantly surprised. Your best option is to keep looking for a real industrial belt conveyor.

Industrial Belt Conveyors

Most industrial uses of belt conveyors involve moving large amounts of product quickly and often up steep inclines. These jobs require finely tuned, machines that will stand up to daily use and abuse. Industrial incline conveyors will scale as large as your operation requires, as wide as 5 feet and as long as needed. They'll rise hundreds of feet if necessary. Belts will be made of high grade rubber, which can be specialized for sanitary needs, oil resistant, heat resistant, flame retardant, and more depending on the environment and products being handled. Belts for steep inclines will be equipped with flexible side walls and sturdy cleats to hold the material in place.

Industrial conveyors will have higher horsepower electric or sometimes diesel engines as needed to keep the machine running for long hours day after day. Variations for specific industrial uses will offer features such as air tight enclosures, high capacity hoppers, and specialized belt cleaning systems as needed.

The Cambelt Option

Cambelt manufactures belt conveyor systems for serious industrial operations. Our incline conveyor belts solve one of the biggest problems belt conveyor operators face -- delamination of belting. With one-piece, fully-molded construction including flexible sidewalls and cleats, our belting will never delaminate. Because of this, our belts will last three to five times as long as other high incline industrial conveyor belts.

We can customize your industrial belt conveyors as needed including with L and Z configurations for incline and vertical conveyor systems. And although they aren't as light weight as the commercial conveyor options, Cambelt manufactures some very versatile portable conveyors.

When industry is slow, people look to save money everywhere they can. But when it comes to capital investments like belt conveyors, you're better off in the short term and long term getting the best. You'll find Cambelt products are similarly priced to their closest competition, but not even other industrial belt conveyor makers can touch Cambelt in quality. Contact us today for a quote on your industrial conveyor system.

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