Cambelt: Different Conveyor Belts for Different Jobs

Conveyor belts are among the most adaptable machines in the world. In order to meet the demands of manufacturing and industry, hundreds of unique belting designs have been engineered for specific needs. Each of these belts has its strengths and weaknesses, but serves its purpose when implemented correctly. Of course not all conveyor belts are created equal.

Cambelt specializes in belts for a wide variety of dry bulk solids, and are built to outlast any other belt on the market by three to five times. This is largely due to Cambelt's fully molded belt construction. Each of our belts is molded out of one homogenously cured piece of rubber in our own factory. We never glue on a cleat or sidewall so they will never delaminate. Here are Cambelt's belting configurations that collectively meet any bulk material handling challenge you can come up with.

Chevron Cleated Belts

Chevron belts are designed for conveyor systems at shallow angles of 25 degrees or less. With their low profile cleats, they perform better than standard, flat belts at these angles. And the minimal use of rubber to accomplish the job at hand makes these belts very cost effective. Of course if you need higher angled conveyor belts, Cambelt has other tricks up their sleeve.


These belts are designed for situations where high volume and higher inclines are needed. With CamFlex belting the first thing you'll notice is the innovative flexible sidewall design. This feature helps contain material for much higher capacity than belts without walls. Additionally, this design has durable rubber nubs strategically places across the surface of the belt to prevent materials from sliding back down. This allows the CamFlex to work at angles of up to 45 degrees with ease. Belt speed can be high and flow is continuous.


For even higher angles of incline, CamWall belts use flexible sidewalls and rugged horizontal cleats to create "pockets" in which the product being transported can ride up extremely high inclines up to 90 degrees. These are useful for many different types of materials and where high capacity transport is needed up significant slopes. Sidewalls can be as high as 6" and auxiliary buckets can be installed without piercing the belt at any point for even larger loads or material chunks up a vertical conveyor.

Specialty Belts

Because Cambelt builds all of its own rubber belting, we can customize belts to serve many unique purposes. Contact Cambelt to talk about the specifications of your job. We can create belts specialized for many different applications featuring unique styles of cleats or nubs, a variety of rubber compounds to fit different needs, and the perfect length and width. We can mold your belt up to 5' wide and as long as you need. If you can conceive of it, we can probably create it in our belt press.

For any conveyor belt needs you may have, Cambelt can offer you a product tailored to your requirements. Our standard designs are versatile enough to efficiently move almost any dry bulk solid you can think of. If you find an exception, we'll work with you on a specific design to get the job done. With reasonable costs and durability better than the competitors, Cambelt conveyor belts are a great value, and will serve you for many years to come.

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