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Few people who aren't involved in the construction industry understand how difficult it is to move a cubic meter of dirt any distance. But the work of excavating construction sites and relocating top soil continues everyday in America. That's why we've spent so much effort building massive machinery to move dirt from one place to another. Cambelt contributes to the effort by providing heavy duty portable dirt conveyor systems for companies like Caterpillar.

Challenges of construction excavation

Excavating a site for basements, building foundations, and road beds can be a very time consuming process. Bulldozers, front end loaders, and dirt conveyor belts help to break up and remove all this dirt. Efficiency in this process can mean the difference between finishing a job on schedule and going over on time and budget. Downtime because of equipment malfunction can be devastating.

Earth removed from a construction site must be separated as topsoil and fill dirt and loaded into separate trucks for removal. Larger projects can produce many truckloads of fill dirt - each hauling in excess of 40,000 lb. Planning this excavation and removal of dirt can be a huge logistical challenge and strain on equipment, manpower, and other resources.

Transporting excavated dirt

The Topsoil contains organic matter and is used for landscaping and for restoring arable soil that has been washed away by erosion. Fill dirt can be used to build up elevation of foundations in other construction sites as well as leveling road shoulders and creating other land features.

But it's rarely as simple as loading dirt up at one site and dumping it directly into its final resting place. It may be kept at storage facility until needed or transloaded to another truck or a railcar, which of course adds to the challenge of handling the dirt.

Cambelt's Dirt Conveyor Advantages

Cambelt offers a wide variety of products to aid in the long process of moving earth for construction. From mobile incline conveyors used with heavy duty excavating equipment to transloaders to stationary conveyors that pile dirt in large storage areas to portable conveyors used with topsoil spreaders.

Each of our dirt conveyors features a rugged homogeneously cured rubber belt that will stand up to the harshest conditions. We provide cleated flexible sidewall belting to carry topsoil as well as fill dirt with very irregularly sized pieces up high inclines.

Cambelt products are designed to outlast and outperform any other dirt conveyors available. Submit a proposal request with the requirements of your conveyor and we'll be in touch with you shortly.

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