Food Grade Conveyor Belts

Food manufacturers are responsible for ensuring their products are safe and free of contaminants. To this end, you rely on your employees and equipment to maintain high safety standards. One oversight in safety can cost a great deal of money to fix, the loyalty of your customers, and jeopardize your customers' health.

Training employees on proper safety is up to you. But Cambelt can provide equipment that helps you meet the highest safety standards. We offer food grade conveyor belts and complete food conveyor systems for a variety of applications.

Requirements of a food conveyor system

Resistant to contamination from multiple sources - All equipment involved in handling food products is liable to pass on chemical and biological contaminants. These contaminants can be airborne or come from residue of products themselves. Food conveyors should have surfaces that resist bacteria growth and enclosures where practical to minimize dust settling and other airborne contaminants. Food grade conveyor belts should prevent fat from sticking to their surfaces, which can breed bacteria and corrode untreated rubber belting.

Easy to clean - FDA inspectors are instructed to search conveyor belts for buildup of residual material in corners, under belts, and in chutes and conveyor ducts. They will even rap on the ducts to dislodge any hidden deposits. Food conveyor belts are easier to clean if workers can easily see residue. The use of white rubber belting is helpful here. Stationary conveyors should be in open enough areas that employees can clean behind and underneath them regularly.

High productivity - Just because safety it a priority doesn't mean productivity and efficiency are any less important. Downtime of one piece of machinery can halt production for an entire factory. As with any manufacturing equipment, a food conveyor needs to pay for itself. This means durability and reliability are essential to the conveyor's value. So is efficiency whether moving bulk food products horizontally or up a steep incline.

Cambelts Food Conveyor Solutions

Food grade conveyor belts - We offer belting options ideal for any food production operation. Our white rubber, fat resistant belts help prevent bacterial growth and are easy to clean. We also offer non-conductive, heat, and flame resistant belts for a wide variety of applications. With specially designed cleats and flexible sidewalls they can efficiently carry product up any incline. All Cambelt belting is homogeneously cured for world class durability.

Sanitary conveyor body and enclosure - For food production environments, we offer conveyors with sanitary stainless steel bodies to prevent bacteria growth. They can also be outfitted with air tight enclosures to keep out airborne contaminants. Conveyors also come with continuous belt cleaning systems appropriate for the kind of belting and the product being handled. Scrapers, rotary belt thumpers, or air knives may be used for cleaning.

System reliability - Cambelt's biggest strength is in building complete belt conveyor systems that meet the highest standards of excellent. We build equipment for the harshest conditions and the longest continuously running jobs. Our conveyors will meet or exceed your expectations for durability and productivity - even in a fast-moving factory environment.

Use our proposal request form to tell us about the requirements for your food grade conveyor belt or complete food conveyor system.

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