Free Span Elevated Conveyors

Long distance free spanning conveyors provide many advantages. But assembling them sometimes presents significant engineering challenges. Cambelt's free spanning conveyor system simultaneously cuts down on both cost and building time. These conveyor's efficiently move bulk materials across long distances, and can significantly increase workflow and productivity.

Advantages of Free Span Conveyors

Free span elevated conveyors are ideal for transporting materials between buildings at a plant or to and from shipping depots. They are an effective way to transport bulk materials safely across exposed stretches. These enclosed over land conveyors negate the need to load and unload material in vehicles to transport across moderate distances and do so without taking up precious ground space in a manufacturing plant. Trough belts work well with these conveyor systems as they are efficient and low maintenance at horizontal to low angles.


Assembling free span conveyors can be troublesome when they're being used to traverse rough terrain or overhead busy factory grounds. It may be difficult to get machinery situated to erect the conveyors, not to mention time consuming. The more support trusses needed to bear the conveyor, the more laborious the job will be. A potential weakness of some overhead belt conveyors is the difficulty of accessing the conveyors mid-section for maintenance or monitoring product. Another frequent worry is the spread of dust from conveyors to the surface below.

Cambelt Solutions

Cambelt's elevated free span conveyors provide all of the benefits, and solve all of most difficult challenges of these systems. CamSpan and CamSpan Gallery conveyors are modular and require fewer support trusses to hold them up. This makes erecting them cheaper and faster than other long span conveyors, and requires fewer intrusions to works space or ecosystems below. Our conveyors are housed in airtight enclosures, so no dust will escape at any point during the journey. Each system features a walkway for easy access along the entire length of the conveyor. We offer two versions of free spanning conveyors to fit the needs of any operation.

CamSpan - These enclosed elevated conveyors are compact, and very effective. Outfitted with an exterior maintenance walkway and frequent access doors, it can be easily monitored and repaired when necessary. With room for belt widths between 18 and 48 inches, the CamSpan conveyor can deliver large amounts of product quickly and efficiently over long distances. Assembling this system is faster, cheaper, and less invasive than others because it can span 80 feet or more.

CamSpan Gallery - This system features a larger enclosure that allows for dual interior walkways or dual conveyors. Maintenance and monitoring products is easy and allows personnel and product to remain safe from the elements at all times. The CamSpan Gallery is capable of spanning 120 feet between its sturdy supports - longer depending on the application.

Free span conveyors offer cost effective solutions for handling dry bulk solids in many applications. Cambelt can customize a system for the unique needs of your operation. We've worked in agriculture, mining, cement processing, and many other industries where bulk material handling is needed. Cambelt also offers vertical and incline conveyors that can be effectively used in tandem with CamSpan overhead belt conveyors. Contact us with your system specifications to request a proposal.

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