Incline Conveyors with Superior Engineering

Transporting bulk materials up high angles presents a difficult challenge for engineers. But it's a challenge faced at factories, mines, quarries, storage facilities, and processing plants every day. Cambelt recognizes the need for efficient and durable equipment that can accomplish vertical movement of bulk material, and has developed incline conveyors capable of tackling this problem with ease.

Industrial Uses

Incline conveyors are needed in a wide range of industries for vastly different dry bulk solids. From agriculture and food processing to mining, these implements are an essential part of industry. Here are just a few examples of how Cambelt incline conveyors meet the challenges of moving bulk materials.

Cambelt Engineering Superiority

Cambelt incline conveyors are all outfitted with one of our high quality flexible sidewall belts, capable of transporting any bulk material no matter what the angle. By combining excellent conveyor design with our industry leading belting, Cambelt delivers the best in incline material handling equipment available.

Cambelt conveyors excel at moving bulk materials in nearly any conceivable scenario. Contact us to begin designing your complete custom conveyor system today. Cambelt will build equipment that can get the job done right.

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