Preventing Contamination in Handling Bulk Materials

Avoiding contamination is a concern that requires the utmost care when handling food products and other contaminable materials such as polyethylene and polystyrene pellets. To a large extent, safe material handling depends on following strict sanitation protocols. But Cambelt provides customized belt conveyors that can help avoid contamination.

Contamination During Bulk Handling

Contamination can occur in several different ways during transporting and processing of bulk materials.

Cross-contamination happens when a person or piece of equipment touches one product and then touches another transferring a chemical or biological contaminant. This is a major concern when conveyors are used for multiple food products. Battling cross contamination requires great attention to cleanliness and planning the use of a piece of machinery.

Airborne contaminants can come from a worker sneezing, a burst of wind containing mold spores, or exhaust from a vehicle. Containment and ventilation are vital to keep contaminable products safe.

Natural microbial growth occurs with all organic materials, in some faster than others. Care must be taken during shipping and processing to ensure temperatures and moisture are regulated and time is minimized between harvest and consumption.

Cambelt's Solutions to Prevent Contamination

As well as maintaining a controlled environment and practicing good sanitation, equipment design can help fight contamination. Cambelt offers belt conveyors with special features to prevent contamination.
Enclosed conveyors
Air tight enclosures can keep out dust, moisture, and other airborne contaminants. Cambelt provides enclosed conveyors for transloading, interior factory processes, and free span conveyors between facilities. We also offer optional boot lifts for dust-tight fitting with hopper cars and retractable discharge spouts.
White belting
Conveyor belts used in food processing need to be cleaned often to maintain sanitation. White belts allow for more thorough cleaning as residual materials stand out against them better. We also offer oil and fat resistant white belting options.
Stainless steel construction
Stainless steel is often used for sanitary equipment because it is corrosion resistant, non-reactive, non-absorptive, and easy to clean. Cambelt can build the body of your belt conveyor in stainless steel as an added measure to prevent cross contamination.

All of Cambelt's bulk handling equipment is built to maximize efficiency and minimize down time. This will help keep processes moving and preserve freshness of product. Contact us with the specs of your operation to request a proposal for a belt conveyor system for your operation.

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