Replacement Conveyor Belting

Cambelt doesn't just manufacture rubber conveyor belting for our own industrial conveyors. We often provide belting to replace worn out belts on other manufacturers' bulk material handling systems. It won't take you long to realize why. Cambelt flexible sidewall belting can increase efficiency of incline and vertical conveyors and provides unmatched durability.

The Cambelt Belt Manufacturing Process

How can we claim that a Cambelt conveyor belt will last 3 to 5 times longer than the one you're replacing? It stems from a completely different process of forming the belt.

Most manufacturers create belting out of two or more separately molded "plies". Cleats and sidewalls may also be molded separately. These components are then glued or laminated together to form a single belt. Problems arise in the course of heavy use as the belts are stretched, chunks of material beat on cleats with intense shear stress, temperatures rise and fall, and oils affect the rubber. Under these conditions, it isn't long before the components of the belt begin to delaminate and completely fail.

Cambelt uses a patented process of homogeneously curing the raw rubber for the belt. The base belt (with ply materials included), cleats, and sidewalls are formed in a single mold. The result is a belt without seams, and therefore, with no weak points comparable to laminated belts.

We can custom build your belt in any dimensions up to 6' wide and using a variety of rubber compounds capable of resisting heat, flame, oil, or static charge.

Decades of Engineering Experience

The second strength of Cambelt's conveyor belting is over five decades of engineering know-how. Our engineers have studied the properties of hundreds of bulk materials and can tell you the exact specifications a conveyor belt will need for your bulk material and your required angle of incline. Our collective knowledge includes much more than a list of angles of repose and other characteristics. Cambelt engineers have firsthand knowledge of how to most efficiently move bulk materials.

Please take advantage of our library of data on dry bulk solids and contact us for any custom belting needs.

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