World-Class Engineering for Bulk Material Handling

Cambelt: World-Class Engineering for Bulk Material Handling

With ever-expanding expectations on industrialists, equipment has to complete jobs faster and more efficiently, last longer, and do it with less space and human interference. This is why Cambelt products are more viable than ever before. Our designed have been in continuous production for over 50 years. In that time, we've learned a great deal about the challenges of handling bulk materials. We've used these lessons to perfect our designs and improve our ability to customize our systems for each customer.

Each of Cambelt's products is engineered to solve problems for our customers. There's no one-size-fits-all solution for bulk material handling. With the knowledge that no two companies or operations are the same, we provide equipment based on customer specifications. We understand the physics behind what we do and the physical properties of hundreds of different dry bulk solids. We can tell you how your materials will flow in a given situation and provide the belt conveyor system and other equipment best suited to meet the needs of your operation.

By building high quality, durable machines, Cambelt has become a leader in bulk material handling equipment, and we are committed to continue bringing our customers the best equipment on the market.

What Distinguishes Cambelt Equipment?

Conveyor Belting

Belting is where the rubber meets the road, so to speak. During our many years in bulk material handling we've come up with combinations of conveyor belting features that most effectively move product. We know how to handle any angle of incline, sanitation concern, consistency of bulk material, and load capacity requirement. Our patented flexible sidewalls, cleat configurations, belt compound, and belt length and width can be customized to meet the requirements of just about any job.

But efficiency in a belt isn't enough. Every belt we manufacture has got to last. That's why we mold and cure each of our belts in one piece including sidewalls and cleats. Since we don't laminate any part of our belts, they can never delaminate. That's the easiest guarantee we could ever make. The result is the strongest conveyor belt on the market. In fact, our conveyor belts last three to five times longer than other belts.

Conveyor Configurations

The best conveyor belt won't do a thing for you without the right machinery. So Cambelt has developed conveyor systems in a variety of configurations that seamlessly fit the needs of a variety of applications. We offer standardized equipment for some of today's most common material handling tasks including fixed and portable railcar unloaders and storage dome reclaim systems. We build modular conveyor systems to integrate with the situation of any existing facility. We also carry a full line of frac sand handling equipment for using at hydraulic fracturing sites.

We build conveyors from horizontal to vertical and any angle in between. We build them open or closed, industrial or sanitary stainless steel, free span elevated conveyors, and high rising storage loading conveyors. We serve customers in a wide variety of industries including mining, agriculture, manufacturing, materials storage, food preparation, and many more. If you need a belt conveyor system, we are confident we can meet your needs better than anyone.

Custom Building Your Conveyor System

The engineers at Cambelt already know what kind of system it takes to lift cement powder up a 60 incline in a snow storm. To start designing your system, we'll need specifications for your particular job. Then they'll get a hold of you to discuss the details and answer any of your questions. Contact Cambelt today to begin designing a conveyor system that will serve you for many years to come.

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