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Conveyor/Elevator Application Data Form

Mailing Address
City   State    Zip
First Name
Last Name
Email Address
Phone cell
Fax No.
Do you need: Order of Magnitude (+ or - 15% no drawing)
Budget (+ or - 5% typical drawing)
Firm (proposal drawing)
Density (lbs./cu.ft.)
Capacity RequiredTPH FT/HR
Particle Size
Angle of Repose
Other Characteristics
Hygroscopic Yes No
Moisture Content %
Product Temperature
Degradable Yes No
Contaminable Yes No
Corrosive Yes No
Abrasive Non Mildly Very
Oils Present
Motor Voltage
Duty Cycle (HRS/DAY)
Angle Of Incline
Angle Of Load Point
Type of Construction Open Covered Enclosed
Materials of Construction Carbon Steel
304 Stainless Steel
316 Stainless Steel
Feed Method
Discharge To:
Paint Requirements
Auxiliary Equipment and Notes
Conveyor Dimensions (* Lengths show centerline pulleys)
Refer to Conveyor Dimension Diagram below.
Measurement type Feet Meters
Centerline Inlet to Discharge
Grade to Bottom of Discharge Chute
Dimension A*
Dimension B
(Grade to top of inlet)
Dimension C
(maximum height)
Dimension D*
Dimension E*
Dimension F*

Indicate configuration (Horiz. ST, Incline ST, Stand. L, Invert. L, Stand.Z)

If you have any questions about this application form or our equipment, please contact us by phone, fax, or email.

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Request for Proposal

We would be glad provide a detailed proposal for your project. If you already have initial data for the conveyor or reclaimer system that is planned you can provide it electronically using one of the application data forms. Our estimation team will be in touch shortly.

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