Trough Belt

trough conveyor belting

  • Belt flexes into trough
  • Higher load capacity
  • No lamination
  • Higher belt speeds
  • Convey powders to large lumps
  • Long distance conveying

Cambelt adds to its line of world-class conveyor belting with our rugged and versatile trough belt. This belt is made to flex lengthwise, creating a trough for higher load capacities. This product is ideal for long distance conveying and for moving large irregular items such as farm produce, recyclable materials, or ores.

As with our other belt designs, Cambelt's trough belting is made with one-piece fully molded construction. This is important for the trough conveyor belt, which is required to bend along two axes. Many other belts are constructed by gluing belt ply materials together, but these belts are inherently weak and will eventually delaminate. Cambelt belts are guaranteed to never delaminate. This will be a major factor in preventing costly downtime.

Benefits of Cambeltís trough belting

Durability - Fully molded construction drastically increases durability and longevity of the belt itself because it canít delaminate or fall apart. This helps reduce maintenance and replacement costs and reduces downtime.

Load Capacity - Trough belts have a large load capacity thanks to the curved shape which "cradles" material and prevents spillage.

Belt Speeds - The belt is capable of transporting materials quickly without fear of spillage or dust clouding. This helps maximize efficiency for mining, agriculture, waste management, and many other industrial uses.

Low Cost - The trough belt has a simple design and is easy to manufacture. With our one piece molding press, we're able to expedite the manufacturing process as well. That makes this belting competitively priced with many lower quality options.

Versatility - Cambeltís trough belting can easily carry fine grains and large, irregular chunks. It is perfect for transporting over distances, either within your facility or over rugged terrain.

Cambelt can construct your belting to whatever specifications. We regularly build trough conveyor belts 14" to 60" wide and have a range of rubber compounds available for specific requirements.

Along with world-class belting, we custom build complete trough belt conveyors. Cambelt's free span elevated conveyors, the CamSpan and CamSpan Gallery, come standard with trough belt configurations. Check out our online store for replacement components including equal, self-aligner, and impact troughers.

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