CamWall Vertical Conveyor "Bucket Elevator"

Bucket elevator CamWall vertical conveyors, also known as bucket elevators, come in either heavy duty industrial construction or sanitary stainless steel construction with white food grade belt. They may be open or totally enclosed, as required, to provide necessary environmental control, contain dust fumes, prevent contamination, or isolate the product from external atmospheric conditions. Enclosed and open conveyors are factory preassembled modular construction.

One Piece Belt Construction
Flexible sidewall conveyor belting, with the sidewall, the cleats and the base belt all simultaneously molded into a rugged one-piece, homogenously cured product are available only through Cambelt International Corporation. Where a vertical conveyor requires 4.5 inch or 6.0 inch sidewalls a separate bucket is securely attached to the belt without piercing the base belt or the flexible sidewall.

Hold-Down Disc Assembly
CamWall Vertical Conveyors utilizing "L" and "Z" configurations require the use of hold-down disc assemblies in the transition of the belt from horizontal-to-incline-to-horizontal planes. Prolonged belt life is greatly aided by the use of properly designed hold-down disc assemblies. Cambelt provides unmatched engineering to move product efficiently regardless of changes in direction. Cambelt bucket elevators are long lasting and highly durable.

Vertical conveyor Cleaning Vertical Conveyor Belting
CamWall belts and bucket elevators do not allow for conventional methods of belt cleaning such as scrapers. In most cases, the most effective method of cleaning these belts is a rotary belt "thumper." The intense vibration imposed on the belt by the rotary belt thumper will dislodge most materials that otherwise would be "carried back" with the return belt. Consult the factory for other alternative methods of belt cleaning such as "air knives".
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